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Biography de Catherine Ferry


Catherine Ferry - "1,2,3"
 In 1976, Catherine Ferry represented France at  the Eurovision Song Contest in front of several  millions of viewers. Her song 1, 2, 3  ranked not only high, 2nd in the Contest but hold until now the record of the number of points obtained by France at the Eurovision. The young and talented Catherine, whom  first single was released  in many country, also recorded the song in English, in German and in Spanish. 


At the same time, Catherine succeeded in imposing Petit Jean as the B side of 1, 2, 3 all over the world, after having fallen under the charm of this song that Daniel Balavoine, one of her backing vocals, used to sing on stage when he was younger.  Petit Jean is the first song of a long series of collaborations between the two artists whose complicity lasted until Daniel's tragic destiny.

Tokyo's Yamaha World Popular Song Festival

Catherine in Japan

Assailed by requests everywhere in Europe and even in Japan, where she participated at the Tokyo's Yamaha World Popular Song Festival, Catherine Ferry recorded several  successful singles at Barclay  like Julia mon cœur and Melodie Bleue,  which you can find in her first  eponym album,  produced  by Léo Missir with 1,2,3

Bonjour, Bonjour...

Catherine Ferry - "Bonjour, Bonjour"

But Catherine Ferry looked for a new artistic identity which was experimented in her last single at Barclay.  She succeeded in her come back with Bonjour, Bonjour written by Linda Lecomte, composed  and produced by Daniel Balavoine. This single, distributed by WEA, sold 350.000 copies in some weeks. 


Catherine in "Abbacadabra"

In 1983, Catherine Ferry was chosen to play Alice in the  musical fairytale Abbacadabra, imagined on  Abba’s musics, beside Frida, the singer of the mythical group, which leaded to an album and  series of broadcasts for children.  At the same time, she recorded Grandis pas, another success. 

Vivre avec la musique...

Catherine Ferry - "Vivire avec la musique"

In 1984, a second album was released at WEA, produced by Andy Scott and Balavoine,  with  essential songs like Vivre avec la Musique and Prends tout ce qu’on te donne.. 

Catherine Ferry - "Quelqu'un quelque part"

After an intensive promotion  and several tours, Catherine Ferry planned to record the French version of a song that Daniel Balavoine composed for Frida, The Face. Life didn't permit to Daniel to finish the French lyrics so Jean-Jacques Goldman took up the torch to give birth to Quelqu’un quelque part

Catherine Ferry decided to stand back for a while,  to start the most beautiful career, to be a mother, whereas several famous authors proposed her a few songs.

In spring 2010, things have come full circle, Catherine Ferry came back to Geneva to record there, her new single with John Woolloff, the guitar player of late lamented Daniel Balavoine. As her songs became "cult", one among them, was selected to appear in the new movie of a famous French director, which be released at the end of the year…


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